Five New Exercise Rules

By Mike H|June 27, 2017|General Fitness|0 comments

Out with the old, in with the new! Are you up-to-date on the latest rules in fitness? Popular belief about the most effective exercise techniques to achieve the highest level of fat loss and the best results vary from decade to decade. New studies come out, more data is considered, and we get smarter, more efficient, and more sophisticated in our knowledge and techniques. Here are 5 NEW fitness rules

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The Fountain of Youth

By Mike H|June 16, 2017|Nutrition|0 comments

Turns out the sought-after magic elixir has been right under our noses!  I’m talking about water. Pure, simple water. Before you scoff at this idea, check if you’re dehydrated. Sadly as much as 75% of adults suffer from mild, chronic dehydration, a condition that dramatically works against your weight loss efforts.  Here is why water consumption must be at the top of your list in your quest for a fit,

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