Health Management Team

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General Fitness

♠ Weight Management

♠ Balance

♠ Strength

♠ Endurance

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If you want to get in better shape, shed body fat, get stronger, have better balance and more endurance we are here to help!

Athletic Training

♠ Golf

♠ Tennis

♠ Rowing

♠ Hiking

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If you want to be a better athlete then train your body to move efficiently while maintaining balance and power. Lower your risk of being injured while you do the things you love! 


♠ Joint Replacement

♠ Surgeries

♠ Back Pain

♠ Knee Pain

Your health dictates the quality of your life choose to be active and vibrant

Training smart, being consistent and assessing your progress are the keys to achieving your health and fitness goals! You must have a detailed plan to follow that fits your lifestyle.   

Disease Management

♠ Hypertension

♠ Diabetes

♠ Arthritis

♠ MS

All of our clients receive a comprehensive assessment. Based on the results of their assessments we develop a safe and effective program that will help them achieve their goals.

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We help our clients set and achieve their goals through the use of evidence based training and applied science. Comprehensive assessments allow us to develop a truly customized program for each of our clients.

No unrealistic promises or misleading statements. We will do everything we can to assist you in achieving your goals.  Each client will have access to text reminders, monthly question and answer meetings with a trainer and weekly weigh-ins to help keep you moving towards your goals and give us the information we need to fine tune your program.

We are committed to your success, if you follow our programs and do your part you will succeed!